6 Tips to Boost Confidence and Improve Morale in Your Team Members



A Confident Team Is a Happy Team

As an entrepreneur, you need to motivate your team to be effective and productive. You’ve assembled a strong group of people, now you have to make them feel confident with what they should do. It is important to inspire them and let them know that even the smallest efforts can contribute to team success.

People who have great confidence collaborate better and are more creative. Whereas, people who lack confidence are usually in doubt and their ideas often fail to make it to the deliberation table.

Because a confident team is a happy team, consider these tips to boost your team’s morale:

1: Acknowledge Failures as a Way to Learn

Let your team know that reasonable mistakes are acceptable. This encourages them to try new things because they aren’t afraid to fail. Amazing things can happen when fear of fault isn’t a factor. Recognizing that “to err is human” gives your team room to breathe, which could make them happier to accomplish tasks.

When people make mistakes, it’s an opportunity for you to determine their strengths, instead of weaknesses. Give them support to maximize their best skills because the more you do this, the more they are likely inclined to reach out for help when in doubt.

To create a supportive environment, schedule weekly team meetings to discuss the ongoing activities, project milestones and developments. Make it a point to use this time to acknowledge outstanding performance and excellence above and beyond the call.

2: Break Large Projects into Smaller Chunks

By breaking down one large-scale project into smaller milestones, you are setting your team up for success. Confidence builds from one successfully completed milestone to the next, resulting in a giant win over the entire project.

Doing this gives you the advantage of delegating responsibilities that align with people’s strengths, thereby increasing team performance to eventually meet the deadline.

Striving to meet milestones can also create a healthy competition among co-workers. Be careful, though. A certain amount of competition is normal and could motivate people; but if left without proper leadership and caution, it could turn ugly enough to sabotage the project.

3: Make Further Education Accessible

Team members need to feel they have an opportunity to grow within their department. You can do this by expanding your team avenues to let them enhance or learn new skills, which can significantly boost motivation and morale.

You can nurture personal development by offering access to training classes, seminars, team wisdom-sharing meetings, and small projects they can flex their muscles on. You will be amazed at how many team members will jump at the chance that will enable them to better contribute to the team. You are sending a message that you value them and are willing to provide opportunities for limitless growth.

4: Notice the Little Things

It’s not enough to commend extraordinary behavior and performance. Sometimes, you need to notice the little things people do on a daily basis. This make them feel appreciated and who doesn’t like positive attention from the boss? There are instances people perform tasks in the office every day which can be beyond their job description. Acknowledging such efforts can make people more likely to do it again.

Examples of simple gestures are when someone cleans up the break room, makes coffee or refills the copier paper. Your response—a nod, a smile, or a simple “thanks”—is already huge signal of appreciation.

Not only does recognizing people’s actions make them feel good, it also encourages similar behavior from other team members. The aura of the environment people work in has a lot to do with how they feel. This means, if the office is extremely cluttered, it can affect the entire team’s outlook which could then hinder everyone’s productivity.

5: Compliment Performance with Reward

In a way, your team can be similar to children. If they know a reward awaits them at the end of the rainbow, people tend to be more inspired to be the best at what they do.

There are many ways to show value to your team’s endeavors. You can offer opportunities for them to earn rewards other than the “Employee of the Month” title. Other ideas include giving out freebies like spa treatments, tickets to a sporting event, or restaurant coupons. Furthermore, incentives can also be awarded for small goals accomplished. Remember to recognize everyone, not just the heavy-hitters. This puts everyone on a level playing field.

6: Supply the Right Tools

Your team can’t be productive if they don’t have the right tools to get the job done. When they have to compensate for lack of supplies or have to deviate from what they would normally do, this creates frustration and kills efficiency. They will eventually come to resent working with you if it becomes a regular occurrence.

Without the proper tools, your team’s confidence and morale will plummet which could make them lose confidence in themselves and with you. No matter how you have to swing it, always make sure your team has access to everything to see a project straight through to the end.

It isn’t hard to build confidence in people if you know how to appreciate and encourage. A lost morale is difficult to bring back, so it’s better not to lose it in the first place.

Keep your team pumped up and happy. An amazing group of people will help you skyrocket your productivity and business growth.