Help build a successful online business


Hi, friends! I am one of the business consultants here with Tramartt. Today It’s my turn to be on stage and show your around the basics on how to build a successful business online.

With my 25 years experience operating seven to eight businesses both offline and online, I am going to tell you that online business is the most suitable for new starters and I shall congratulate you that as you have come to this place, you probably has just started an online business or are considering doing so.

Not everyone is suitable to be a business owner. To be in business, you need to have the desire to do so. Besides you want more money, freedom of time and work location, and much more, being in business means you are ready to take responsibilities, take risks, go through all the ups and downs as most entrepreneurs do with their business adventures.

But one thing is for sure:

Creating your own online business has never been easier!

To be a business owner, you must have an entrepreneur mindset. You must adjust your life philosophy that you are going onto a journey that is both challenging and rewarding.

Everyday, lots of people are starting businesses. Within one year, about 85% of them will stop because they just can not have the cash they want. In another 5 years, about 10 percent will close doors. That means only a small proportion shall survive more than 5 years. So without setting that mindset right from the very beginning, many people can achieve nothing but give up. I hope you are not the 90% who are doomed to fail.

Do your study. Find a mentor (since you have come here, you have your mentor now). Research the market. Think about your resources. Choose wisely.

Most people start their own business with little money; some start up with their hard earned savings, some borrow from family or friends, some take a loan from the bank. So if you can not make some profits within 3 to 6 months, you are very easy to face a difficult situation that get yourself down.

So from the very start, think of the risks.

Few people could afford the high-risk, venture-backed startups that are hoping to become the next Youtube and cash out for millions. If you are dipping into your life savings to start a brick-and-mortar shop or rent a beautiful office, and give yourself a lot of bills to pay before you can make money, avoid this sort of business.

Be smart and only go creating a low-risk business, like an automated online business that gives you the freedom and flexibility.

Think of the purpose of starting your own business. Besides more money, you don’t want to work longer hours or make yourself another employee for your business. You are making the business working for you, not you for the business.

You need to have the right system, an engine that works

So your business model is very important. That’s your structure. Without an ideal structure that makes you money almost instantly, it will be very difficult for you to survive long in the market.

Your business needs to be self-sufficient. It is the efficiency. You need to make money to pay for costs and pay for your valuable time. In a year or two, or even 6 month, you need to bring it to the next level.

Your business needs to be scale-able. It must have the engine to grow efficiently.

An internet based business is your choice.

It’s easy to dream about running a successful online business — but it’s hard to do it, if you are not educated or do not have the basics in computers.

When you Google “how to start an online business?” You can find lots of stuff, people trying to sell you things or teach you to become millionaires overnight. Many of them are just scams. They shall take you nowhere. And you need to have the bright eyes to look through that.

You need to find your own market, the right products

A good system is very important. Next you need to have the right products. It can be your own products or you tell others’ products and earn a commission. It’s better to sell others’ products first. Don’t try to make your new products that only you like and think would work. Try others first. Build or make your own only when are have more experience and full confidence to do so.

Find an area that you are within your own likes, find a need and fill it. It’s like a doctor and a patent, an illness and treatment, a solution to problem, question to answer. You are offering something that help others solve their problems, in an area that you are very good at. Make out a great offer. Deliver great value. Always have the needs and wants of your potential clients in mind.

Build the basic infrastructures

This might include designing and building an easy-to-use website. Set up Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts and link them together. Use search engines and paid ads to drive traffic to your site. Try from small, test and track your journey, make changes and improve along the way. Give some patience and always follows the rules and guidelines.

Marketing is very important and is the bloodline of your business. Get your auto-responder with email marketing, Increase your income through back-end sales and upselling. You have a lot to do at this stage. Try look around our Tramartt Marketplace and you shall find all the tools there. Learn to do self training using Youtube. Get help and advice, but don’t stick to it. Always be creative and have your own unique ideas. They best way to find solutions is to be in business. Only when you are in, you’ll find how other people do their job, how you can improve, how you can find new areas, create new stuff. Work on your business most of the time and get out from there and look from outside from time to time.

These are only the basics. Follow our blog articles and you will find more valuable resources. When you need help, we are most of the time here to give you a hand. Talk to you soon.

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