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There are many free tools you can use to troubleshoot your website or any connection issues you may be seeing.

This article lists a variety of services you can use to troubleshoot your site before contacting support. If you still need to contact support, make sure to include the results of any tests you have ran.


  • – View how a website appeared on a specific date in the past
  • – A collection of online tools to help test and troubleshoot your site
  • – A collection of tools (many email related) to troubleshoot your services

Domain registration

Domain API tools

  • –real-time API circumnavigates server rate limits and data format change.

DNS tools

General DNS record lookups

CNAME lookups




Email tools



IP address lookup

Network tools


The following links all offer IPv4 ping tests:


The following sites all offer IPv4 traceroute tests:


  • – Displays your computer’s IPv6 connectivity

Ping IPV6

The following links all offer IPv6 ping tests:

Traceroute IPv6

The following links all offer IPv6 traceroute tests:

Proxy sites

A proxy site can be used to view your website from a different location. For example, you can use a proxy site in France to check how and if your site is resolving in that location. Below are a few common proxy sites:

This site lists proxy sites from all over the world:

SSL tools

Website loading tools

Site load tests

The following sites test how long your page takes to load. They also gives details about what may be responsible for the load time:

DNS propagation tests

  • – Used to check if your DNS records have propagated in different locations
  • – Checks if site is resolving in different locations
  • – Checks if DNS has resolved in different locations around the world

Location based tests

  • – Tests your local network upload/download speed. Used to test if your specific location is where the network issue may be occurring.

Miscellaneous tests

source: dreamhost

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